Ballroom Dance News

Dance TW Exeter are still in lockdown but looking forward to hearing when the restrictions will be lifted - In many ways we do not want to go back to our classes until we know that 100% everyone will be safe.
It is very frustrating both for our dancers and our teaching team but we must look after the safety of our group. Dancing very much comes under the heading of "recreation" and when you consider all the people we as teachers come into contact with we need to look at group sizes and those who are mixing with other households and therefore we consider this to be too much of a risk to safely teach Ballroom & Latin dancing.
We know also that many of our group come along to us for the social side of dancing. Our groups are all well into double figures and when we have everyone at class we see well over 30 in our Pinhoe group and near to 30 in our other venues so we all really enjoy the groups banter and laughter at our sessions.
We see all our groups providing those that live alone the company and they look forward to each week, therefore, helping all our mental wellbeing as well as the physical activity it provides for our dancers.
No decisions to start again will be made until we are confident that we can safely hold a class without anyone feeling uncomfortable with the rules and we can again interact with each other safely. We have talked about a "Line Dance" class on our Wednesday morning at Pinhoe where you will be able to dance in a space just for you but we will look at this as we get into late December and very much relies on Government information.
You will see many of the professional teacher's studios are also closed till January and all competitions have ceased till further notice - even Strictly are not holding the usual visit to the Tower Ballroom in Blackpool!
We thank all of our groups for the loyalty you have shown us over this year and look forward to dancing in 2021. 

What will I learn?

Torquay 2019
Above was taken at a dance weekend in Torquay 2019. The group enjoyed a weekend full of great dancing and lots of fun.
We even learnt a new dance called Julie's Mambo taught to us by Gary & Trisha Fleetwood who are famous for the Sindy Swing.

Ballroom & Latin Tuition

Ballroom dancing is now really popular and it is with thanks to programmes like Strictly Come Dancing and Dancing with the Stars that we are getting enquiries from a lot of people wanting to learn.

Even in these strange times with the COVID-19 virus we are seeing lots of enquiries about classes taking new dancers or those that want to continue dancing due to their own classes not restarting.

Our groups see various levels of dance and this starts from the basics to Advanced couples that have taken medals in the past.

Many want to revisit what they might have learnt years ago and this is a great place to start with Dance TW Exeter. 

Tina & Wendy would love the opportunity to get you dancing so please get in touch and we can advise the best class to attend depending on the level you are at.

When you join us at one of our classes we first talk to you about your dance knowledge, we do not want to change what you have learnt at other classes. Many teachers have the same techniques and dancing is generally the same wherever you go - we like to be able to give beginners the confidence to get on the floor and dance without feeling intimidated by others or worry about if they are doing the right steps etc.

We generally find that wherever you dance socially everyone wants you to get up and dance, everyone will help you as much as possible.

Varied tuition covering many different dances....


4 Weekly classes now so check out the different locations and times


Weekly Tea Dance where we dance Sequence, Ballroom and some popular Line Dances

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