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Dance Demonstration's

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On the above heading, DANCE DEMO'S there are 3 sub headings and by clicking any of these you will then be able to see our video's covering Ballroom dance steps that our classes have been learning.

We also have Sequence dance demonstrations covering many of the popular Sequence dances we are teaching.

The section named Tea Dance also covers Sequence Dances but are demonstrated by my parents John & Pat Harris, there are also video's danced by the Not So Strictly Tea Dance Wednesday afternoon dancers.

The team at Dance TW Exeter respect all of our dancers privacy so we have a login password attached to the pages you enter, if you are a member of any of our classes or groups please contact me for the password.

The Line dance page does not need a password.

If there are any dances or steps you would like to see demonstrated please contact me by using the form on the "Contact" page and we will get these recorded and post them here for you.

You can click on the YOUTUBE logo to be redirected to our channel where you can see a lot of our dances but because of copyright laws the more recent Sequence Dances are not permitted to be available on general searches so are kept unlisted and only seen on this website for our own group members.