America Foxtrot

You might recognise steps from the Melody Foxtrot in this new Line dance choreographed by Wendy Richards, DanceTWExeter©

Mambo Magic

Having danced this as a Sequence dance, Wendy has changed the steps around to create a new line dance.
Choreographed by Wendy Richards, DanceTWExeter©

Tango Burlesque

Have seen other versions of this dance and they have a different middle section which limits the line dance to one piece of music so have scaled it down to a 4 wall dance that can be danced to any music suited to a Tango.

Strictly Samba

A samba created for the Latin In Line class on a Wednesday evening - Strictly Samba created by Wendy Richards
A Quickstep line dance! Whilst we are in lockdown, this line dance has steps taken from Ballroom - Chasse - lockstep - hesitation - stutter and a 6 step twinkle! It ends with a Charleston step. Have a go see how you get on.


Lizzie Quickstep

Mambo De La Casa

Even in lockdown teachers have been busy choreographing new dances and this one was invented by Lee & Natasha Dudman in May. This was part of the monthly competitions held to find new dances. A great Mambo which is also a couples dance.