Our Team

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Tina Gresham

Tina has been dancing for over 30 years originally learning Ballroom and Latin dancing. She became more interested in Old Time and Sequence dancing when she joined the Bob & Joan Butterfield School of Dance in the late 1980s.

It was at Bob's suggestion that Tina started to teach and with their encouragement and support, Tina passed the qualifying examinations with The United Kingdom Alliance (UKA) qualifying body.

It has always been Tina's belief that dancing is a fantastic way to exercise the mind and body while having fun, meeting new people and hopefully making new friends.

So, if you have ever fancied having a go there is no time like the present. If you have a partner or come or your own you will receive a warm welcome and a relaxed atmosphere in which to learn.

We hope to see you soon.

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Teaching Assistant & Demonstrator

Wendy Richards

Wendy started dancing at quite an early age whilst still at Junior School and took her medals,  competed until she gave up in High School. Wendy danced with the Roy Whitfield and Phil Cockram Dancing School in Exeter and competed regularly even getting to dance at the famous Tower Ballroom in Blackpool.

Wendy has always loved dancing and knew that one day she would hopefully put on her dancing shoes again and her parents John & Pat Harris have always been there to encourage her.

Wendy found dancing again about 5 years ago when she joined the Latin In Line class in Pinhoe run by Joanna Partridge. This was just what Wendy needed to get back in the swing again and was soon dancing the Cha Cha and Rumba and many other dances - but in line's - no partner required.

Wendy was lucky enough to dance on a one to one dance lesson in 2012 with BBC's Strictly - Ian Waite - a special birthday treat from Wendy's partner Sarah.

This will always be the highlight of Wendy's dance career and feels very privileged to have danced with such a great dancer and personality.

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Not So Strictly Tea Dance

John & Pat Harris

John & Pat Harris have always danced and this is what keeps them fit healthy & young! They were asked to run a tea Dance over 10 years ago for the Age UK, and although the early dances only saw a few couples, word soon got around what a great afternoon it was that they expanded to over 20 people attending.

They then decided to run a Tea Dance under their own name and today the "Not So Strictly Tea Dance" at The America Hall is well supported by 60+ dancers of all ages.

It is because of John & Pat that the new Ballroom class with Tina and Wendy has started and their Daughter Wendy is also helping with the afternoon dance and enjoying getting back into Sequence and Ballroom dancing again.

Pat & John will still demonstrate the new dances that come out but will encourage dancers to attend the morning class to learn the old favourites that are now being revived at social dances.

The photo left was taken at The Tower Ballroom in Blackpool in April 2018 when Dance TW Exeter took 45 dancers to the ballroom and John & Pat took to the floor to celebrate their 60th Wedding Anniversary.

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Director of Unnecessary Things and Projects

Sarah Boyce

Sarah is the non-dancing member of the team but enjoys seeing our dancers progressing on their dance "journey"! However, she can be persuaded to do a Square Tango when needed.

Sarah looks after all the dancers well making sure they know what is happening from week to week.

Everyone looks forward to half time when a great cuppa awaits after a busy first half on our morning sessions and some dance banter amongst our dancers.

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Your Teaching Team

Tina & Wendy

Tina & Wendy met 6 years ago from dancing at different venues and both knew that they would love to have their own classes and Tina, having taught before was eager to get into teaching again.

Wendy also knew that teaching was always the goal after dancing as a teenager. They talked about the way they would like to host their own classes and make dancing fun. Both had been through the rigorous medals and examinations and realised that it was time to making dancing enjoyable and appealing to all ages.

Tina usually takes the lead but they often demonstrate dances changing over in the middle of a dance - often ending up with confusion amongst the dancers!

Wendy says "I often start as the lady and we change so that I am demonstrating the Gents steps! It keeps everyone on their toes - we do like to have fun at our classes"