• Wendy Richards

Pete's dancing set back

Now we have completed week 4 of our new Ballroom class and so impressed with how the class is progressing. We have now done quite a bit to our Waltz, the class is now doing basic progressive Waltz, Natural and Reverse turn's and also Spin turns.

Our Cha Cha Cha has the basic Cha Cha with New York's and Open Out's with a Spot turn. The class really enjoy the Cha Cha which is now proving very helpful as last week we started the Quickstep.

With similar movements and Tempo to the Cha Cha the class were soon Quickstepping around the room and including a Lock Step!

We have also taught the Square Tango sequence dance and last week started Rumba One.

One of our dancer's has suffered a set back - Pete seen here above with Carol - fell off a ladder on Saturday and has broken two ribs! He is still coming to watch on Wednesday and we wish Pete a speedy recovery and hope he is soon waltzing around the room again.

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