• Wendy Richards

Dance like no one is watching!

Dance s both a convenient and enjoyable form of physical activity, and a mental workout, engaging mind and body in harmony. It has also stood the test of time, and remains central to almost every national culture.

We have all danced, or will dance, at some stage in our lives, be it during our childhood, teens or adulthood; we will dance at weddings and birthdays, and to mark success and achievement.

Make now the time when you start to dance again not for others but for yourself, once you start to learn the different dance styles you will find one that you enjoy and make you want to dance often.

Whether you like the slow Waltz or Rumba or the faster Quickstep or Jive there is a dance for everyone and we will never run out of steps and dances to teach you.

Martin and Julia enjoying the Waltz above and below Megan doing the Cha Cha

If you are thinking of dancing then come and join us on a Wednesday morning - having fun is compulsory!

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